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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hello folks!

I'm super excited to finally write my first blog post for Laughing In Flowers - I've been waiting for what seems like ages for an opportunity/some free time to shoot some pictures and write a blog post. Since I've been out of school for the past four days because of the snow, I've finally gotten around to having a successful winter photo shoot and making my first post. Yippee!

So, as I mentioned before - SNOW. I've also been waiting months for this stuff. Because in the south, if there's even a 40% chance of  "wintry mix", school is canceled. With the winter storm rolling around NC, we've received a lot of snow, along with a decent amount of ice on our roads. Which means no school and no leaving your house for four days.

 I'm sure plenty of people are miserable about the situation, but I am so grateful - I needed a break. Over the past few days, I've been doing nothing but sleeping, watching movies, and lounging around my house in my pajamas. This new state of laziness I've reached feels amazing.

Anyway, back to productivity.

The snow provided some lovely scenery for a photo shoot, so I decided to shoot one of my favorite outfits for chilly winter weather (but not this chilly, for god's sake please don't wear tights in the snow).

crouching down by the baby daffodils
sorry little bubs
detail shot of my opal necklace and dress collar
detail shot of the faux fur scarf 

trying to be serious

mom kept making me laugh
The outfit consists of one of my favorite dresses from ModCloth - simple, black, and with a white peter pan collar. Over it, I have a black knit cardigan (lightweight but still cozy), and over that is my black down fill jacket. Despite the jacket's puffy appearance, it's pretty lightweight as well, and easy to move around in. But it's also super warm and good at blocking out the cold, which is my favorite feature. 

Underneath the dress, I'm wearing maroon tights, which are also pretty cozy (but like I said, don't freeze your buns off). Maroon/wine red/burgundy colors are my favorite fall and winter colors, and I think they're a good addition to a primarily black and white outfit. 

In the pictures below the first two, I'm wearing a faux fur scarf from Nordstrom. It's kind of strange looking - I don't see a lot of people wearing them, but ever since my grandmother gave it to me for Christmas, I've been in love with it. It's warm and cozy, and I think it does a good job of spicing up the outfit. 

For shoes, I'm wearing these brown high-heeled ankle boots that I've had forever. I learned the other day that heels like these work wonders to prevent slipping on ice. Seriously, my mom was wearing tennis shoes while shooting this and was slipping and sliding around. Despite my extreme clumsiness, I didn't slip. Not even once. Aw yeah.

Anyways, for the rest of the accessories, I'm wearing some gray gloves with cute little bows on them, and a necklace. The opal necklace, which is seriously my favorite necklace ever, is from my dear boyfriend (bless his heart). I think it also adds a cute little sparkly touch to the outfit. 

That about sums it up for the look. Sometimes I switch out the red tights for sheer or patterned black ones, and sometimes I switch scarves and shoes. Like most outfits, it's flexible.

Anyways, I hope everyone's been enjoying the snow (or lack thereof) and I hope you all have a great rest of the week.

XOXO, Kate ♥︎

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  1. Hi Kate! I've nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award:

    I love your hair! I also tried dying my hair with henna... But it didn't work as I wanted. Anyway, I really like your site and I hope you to participate :)


    1. Aww, thank you so much! I'm so flattered. I'll definitely make an award post soon! <3

  2. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.


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